The TASTES OF ASIA label as seen throughout this website is available for your use. You are permitted to change the language or use multiple languages but you must maintain the integrity of the artwork. What this means is that you cannot alter the "look" of the artwork by changing positioning, having a different photo or altering the colors. Your name will appear on the package in the section shown as distributed by. You also need to supply your UPC Code. The TASTES OF ASIA packaging is available to every buyer and is not exclusive to any company.

You can also have your own artwork which is special to you. Work with our artist and he can either design or you can supply designs to him. Your relationship and his charges are done outside of the TASTES OF ASIA relationship while at the same time he knows the boundaries that you need to work within. Your design is your private label which establishes and creates a special relationship between you and your customer. Please allow four to eight weeks for this process.